Turn Your Grill or Oven
Into a Gourmet Kitchen!

Now you finally cook those hard-to-grill items like fish, shrimp, ribs and many more when you use the Gourmet Multigrill®.

This convenient, award-winning grill rack safely keeps these delicate items off the grill surface and safely away from the direct flames and heat of the grill. This allows the food to cook thoroughly and gently and without having to use fats or oils to protect the delicate surfaces.

The result: well cooked, not over-seared food that has retained all its flavor without any added trans-fats.

This quality product is made in Germany. Try it today and start being a Gourmet Multigrill-er!

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Gold For the Gourmet Multi:

The international FIRE & FOOD Barbecue Award 2012 in the category Grilling Equipment” went to Konrad Glas from Possenhofen, Lake Starnberg, Bavaria. His innovative development for the gentle grilling of sensitive barbecue food convinced the renowned jury.

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